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Our trip to Broadstairs

Day 1/2

After four­teen hours on a coach and a very shaky fer­ry ride across the Eng­lish Chan­nel, all stu­dents and their four tea­chers arri­ved near Dover on Sun­day after­noon. The­re we visi­ted the anci­ent “Dover Cast­le”. Some parts of the old cast­le were built in the 11th cen­tu­ry. It was impres­si­ve to see the big and high walls which still sur­round the big cast­le today. We had a fan­ta­stic view from the huge towers at the cent­re of the cast­le. Eit­her you loo­ked at the sea and saw a won­derful sky­line or you loo­ked at the land­scape and saw a beau­tiful sce­n­ery. At five o´clock the stu­dents and tea­chers rode to Broad­s­tairs by bus. The­re we were picked up by our host-families.

On Mon­day we had to go our school, the Kent School of Eng­lish, at nine o´clock. The­re we wro­te a test who­se indi­vi­du­al results divi­ded us into small groups of 16 stu­dents. At two o´clock the obser­va­ti­on quiz star­ted. It was a fun­ny and dif­fi­cult quiz about Broad­s­tairs. To ans­wer the ques­ti­ons we had to find places in the vil­la­ge. In groups of four we dis­co­ver­ed our home away from home. The win­ners of the quiz got some can­dy as a pri­ze. After lunch at the homes of our host-fami­lies we met again for the evening pro­gram which was an evening of Karao­ke! The­re was a big stage and ever­y­bo­dy could sing. The fun­ny evening ended at ten o´clock.
(by Jakob K.)

Day 3

This was our second day at the Kent School of Eng­lish. Once again, we were divi­ded into groups accor­ding to the test we had writ­ten a day ago. In my group, we lear­ned to descri­be our­sel­ves. It was a very fun­ny les­son, becau­se we had a nice tea­cher and the­re was no pres­su­re at all. So the mor­ning pas­sed very fast. After the end of the les­son we had an almost two-hour break. Most of us ate the most tra­di­tio­nal and well-known Eng­lish food: fish and chips. It was very deli­cious, but only if you didn’t put vin­egar on it! After we had streng­the­ned our­sel­ves, we went to the after­noon clas­ses. They were also a lot of fun. Befo­re the evening acti­vi­ty we had a litt­le time to relax. For this we also got divi­ded into groups: Group 1 and Group 2. While the first group visi­ted the dra­ma work­shop, the second group went to the cine­ma and wat­ched the new movie Thor. It was a fan­ta­stic and inte­res­t­ing film. After the movie had ended, we all went home to our host fami­lies loo­king for­ward to the next day.

Day 4

After a short night and a tra­di­tio­nal break­fast we wal­ked from our host fami­ly to the coach to dri­ve to Can­ter­bu­ry. The who­le group was real­ly excited.
And then we rea­ched it: The gre­at, medieval city of Can­ter­bu­ry. We star­ted with a sight­see­ing tour. The high­light of it was cle­ar­ly the beau­tiful cathe­dral. It is the seat of the arch­bi­shop of the Angli­can Church and very famous. Unfort­u­na­te­ly, the cathe­dral was full of scaf­fol­ding on the out­side, so we could not see a lot of its beau­tiful faça­de. But insi­de, it was a fan­ta­stic sight. Ever­y­thing is rich­ly deco­ra­ted, it looks so maje­s­tic. After that we got the pos­si­bi­li­ty to go shop­ping. So we spent most of our time with shop­ping, but some of us went to McDo­nalds or Star­bucks, too. So the day went by very quick­ly. We dro­ve home, had a litt­le time to relax and then we had the same acti­vi­ties like the day befo­re, but just the other way round. We had the dra­ma work­shop: It was quite fun­ny becau­se we had inven­ted our own litt­le theat­re plays. Ever­y­bo­dy had deci­ded to make detec­ti­ve sto­ries. We had a lot of fun. But the other group was very unhap­py about their movie at the cine­ma: „Lego Nin­ja­go“! The poor guys!
(by Jona­than H.)

Day 5

Like every day, we went to school. In the after­noon we went to the the beach whe­re the beach walk began and star­ted to walk for about 90 minu­tes to Rams­gate. In Rams­gate the archi­tec­tu­re is very old and in the Roy­al har­bour the­re were many ships. About 100m away from the coast is an old ship which is now a very exclu­si­ve restau­rant. In the down­town of Rams­gate, the­re are many cafes and sou­ve­nir shops. At the coast, the­re is an arca­de, too. In the evening we went to Mar­ga­te whe­re we could par­ty at the KSE Dis­co. But we were unlu­cky and we had a low tide so the coast smel­led a lot like dying fish! But in fact it was just rot­ting sea­weed which crea­tes this tru­ly hor­ri­ble smell. At the dis­co we danced to the latest chart music and the grea­test clas­sics. We arri­ved back in Broad­s­tairs at about half past ten.

Day 6

On Fri­day we went to KSE for the last time. After clas­ses had ended, some of us went to the arca­de to spend our last Bri­tish coins the­re. In the after­noon we went to the West­wood Cross Shop­ping cen­ter. In the­re you can find about 40 stores with clo­thes, games and cafes. It was a gre­at fun and even our tea­chers bought some stuff. And in the evening we went to the barn-dance, which, in my opi­ni­on, was the grea­test acti­vi­ty of all during our stay in Broad­s­tairs. The­re were many dances and ever­y­bo­dy had a lot of fun. In the end, ever­y­bo­dy laug­hed, had fun and danced, but some of our tea­chers didn’t want to get hurt and stay­ed away from the dancing! When we went home it was very late and we pre­pared for our trip to Lon­don and packed our things so we didn’t have to do it on Satur­day mor­ning. All in all, we all real­ly enjoy­ed our stay in Broad­s­tairs which is a love­ly litt­le town with a lot of real­ly fri­end­ly people!
(by Vin­zenz U.)

Day 7

On our last day we dro­ve to Lon­don. After a two-hour trip we final­ly rea­ched Lon­don and board­ed a Tha­mes Clip­pers boat, which is basi­cal­ly like a real­ly fast water taxi. 

We stop­ped at the Tower of Lon­don and wai­ted the­re until we got our tickets. The Tower was very impres­si­ve and we also lear­ned a lot about Bri­tish history. 

Next, we went to Big Ben which is being reno­va­ted at the moment, so we could neither see the Eli­sa­beth tower (Big Ben is only the name of the big­gest bell insi­de the tower!) nor could we hear its famous chi­me. Loca­ted near Big Ben are the Hou­ses of Par­lia­ment and the West­mins­ter cathe­dral. From the­re we wal­ked by Dow­ning Street #10, whe­re Prime Minis­ter The­re­sa May now lives, con­tin­ued through St. James’s parks, saw the famous Buck­ing­ham Palace (unfort­u­na­te­ly, the queen wasn’t the­re at the moment) and final­ly got to Covent Gar­den whe­re we got some free-time. 

In the evening we wal­ked to the banks of the Tha­mes, took the Tha­mes Clip­pers for a last ride to the o2-Are­na whe­re our bus­ses were alre­a­dy wai­ting and then we dro­ve back to Dover to catch our fer­ry. Ever­y­bo­dy was very tired, but at least the fer­ry ride to Calais wasn’t as shaky as the first one! At 12 o’clock the next day, we arri­ved at the Paul-Klee-Gymnasium. 

A spe­cial thanks to Ms Stei­ner who orga­ni­zed the who­le trip, but also to Mrs Buf­fin­ton, Mrs Mil­ler, Mr Korn and Mr Stein­bre­cher who also came along to keep an eye on us. Our week in Eng­land was very exci­ting, a lot of fun and our Eng­lish has cer­tain­ly improved!
(by Micha­el L.)